Short Hair Styles to Create the Right Image

Short Hair Styles to Create the Right Image

Hair trends change like the wind and this year will see shorter styles emerging, and with lots of colour, one can achieve a unique look. Short hair can be layered, cut at the same length, or even stacked to create something that complements a business attire, and isn’t hard to manage. The convenience that a short cut offers is perhaps why bob styles are so popular this year, and by using a range of top quality products, you can mix and match your styles.

The Layered Bob Cut

Going from short at the back to long at the front, a layered bob cut looks sleek and professional, and gives the hair texture and volume. This style is especially popular among older women, and with an easy to manage style, it fits into a busy woman’s schedule.

Long Face Cuts

Women with long faces can benefit from a stylish bob cut that hugs the facial lines on both cheeks, and can add that vital balance. Layered or stacked, this style will look great for that important job interview, and with the right highlights, your facial features will be complemented.

Fine Hair

If you have very fine hair, it can limit your options, but a tilted, medium length bob will work well with thin hair. With a side parting and possibly bleached ends, you can create a sophisticated look that ideally suits your boardroom image. Modern hair products allow for easier styling, and with fine hair, getting it right can be a challenge. Fine hair can be easily layered, and with a range of colours, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Textured Pixie Cut

This gives you a slightly windswept look with layers that are shorter at the back and gradually become longer, and the front section is styled forward to cover the forehead. If you have an oval shaped face, it is an idea to go for more volume on the top, while narrow faces look better with more side volume.

Shorter Sides

This year, the trend is for short, or even shaved sides, and with colouring, you can achieve a stunning look that isn’t too radical. A few celebrities have been seen with cuts that are long on the top and combed to one side, which adds a touch of elegance. Uneven cuts are coming into fashion as symmetry is abandoned, and there are many short hair styles that focus on an uneven cut.

The Right Stylist

At Circles of Subiaco, we have a talented team of hairdressing experts who can suggest several unique styles for women who prefer short hair, and with a range of top quality hair products and treatments, your hair will look and feel rejuvenated. Tints and colouring are our speciality, and with many styles to choose from, you can take your time and find the ideal cut for that special occasion. We are focused on customer satisfaction, and take great pride in helping today’s women achieve the right look for any occasion.

Whatever your hair type, if you prefer a shorter style, our experienced stylists can suggest several cuts that are easy to manage and right for your personality, so if you are looking for a new you, contact Circles of Subiaco and make an appointment.