Circles of Subiaco offers a range of hairdressing services. If you spend hours, trying to achieve a smooth and sleek look each morning, our hair relaxing in Perth can be of help.

Agi One Next Gen Smoothing System

Agi One is a new technology smoothing system. It contains nano particles that condition and shield the hair while reducing frizz.

Agi One smooths the hair by releasing a nanoparticle into the hairshaft to repair hair from the inside out, whilst simultaneously forming a protective film around the hair shaft. Under thermal action, the film crystallises on the hair surface (thermal crystallisation), homogenising and releasing even more conditioning agents into the hair.

Agi One systems contains coconut oil for added hydration and incredible shine. The in-salon treatment can be done in under 2 hours, and will last between 3–5 months.

Keratin Treatment

For our keratin treatment we use Jean Paul Mayne. Keratin treatments are designed to de-frizz and relax curl in the hair. Keratin will reduce the time of your daily routine therefore making it more manageable. This treatment lasts between 4–6 months depending on what your hair routine is (e.g. if you shampoo four times a week it will wear off the hair quicker than someone who washes their hair once a week.)

Sulphate and sodium chloride free shampoo is recommended for the keratin longevity in the hair.

If you use a flat iron to straighten your hair each day, Jean Paul Mayne keratin will improve the health of your hair. After achieving the smooth and straight look and feel you always wanted, you can stop attacking your hair with high heat each day.

X-tenso Loreal Chemical Relaxer

Our chemical relaxer break the bonds in your hair, changing the shape of our hair to make it smoother and less curly/wavy. However some form of blowdry/ironing is required to make the hair sit smoothly. It is designed to make the hair smoother and easier to manage for people with very strong resistant curly hair that needs something to help control your untamed locks.

X-tenso once on the hair is permanently in the hair, we recommend coming in every six months to touch up your regrowth at your roots to keep your hair as smooth and manageable as possible.

To learn more about these services, contact us for a free consultation. Contact us today and let’s discuss the possibilities of having smooth and straight locks.