Our hair extensions in Perth will provide you with an instant glamorous A-list look. With different styles of hair extensions to choose from, including bonded and clip-ins, we offer the best match for your hairstyling needs.

We use 100% human remi hair. Our hair strands are reusable and thin, with a small amount of bond on their tips. Each strand has the same thickness at both ends, ensuring a thick look for the entire length of your hair.

Our extension technicians use a professional attachment method to ensure your natural hair isn’t compromised and comfortable while you sleep.

Our specialised extension technicians are well trained to apply our extensions with such skill they make sure they are not visible, allowing you to wear your hair up and pulled back off your face. They make sure they blend with your natural hair safely and easily, without leaving any trace or residue.

Our extensions can last up to twelve months, with regular maintenance appointments. Depending on the growth rate of your hair, you may visit us every four to eight weeks to get them pushed up. This will last for more than an hour, and will cost $125 or more per hour.

We encourage you to come into the salon for a free consultation, contact us today. Discuss with us the possibilities of having instantaneous long locks with our hair extensions.