The Booming Hair Salon Industry

The Booming Hair Salon Industry

Fashion capitals such as London, Sydney, and New York are reporting a rise in hairdressing establishments within their boundaries. When you look at the number of chic people on the subways and boulevards, it’s easy to understand. Modern city living incorporates hairstyle, and today, more so than at any time, your cut is important, as it defines your personality to an extent. As fashions fade away, the need for stylists to create them does not, and with hair becoming a focus in fashion, more people are using professional stylists.

That Competitive Edge

In the tight job market conditions we see today, a person needs an edge, something that makes them stand out, and a hairstyle can be the difference between a new career, and another “we’ll let you know”. Twenty-first century life is all about winning, and image is everything, so people who want career advancement are constantly mixing it up, in both the clothes and hair department. With so many over-qualified people looking for work, your personality can be the deciding factor, and of course, in business generally, it is vital to project the right look.

A New Career Choice

The beauty industry is currently enjoying an injection of new talent, as many young people look for a sustainable career, and this ensures that the growing number of salons are staffed by competent employees.

New Technology

The advances of the technological world have not passed hairdressing by, with innovative human hair extensions, and all kinds of hi-tech treatments and style options available. Hair extensions have given the short haired among us, the chance to go long, without having to regrow, and if the treatment is done properly, can last for a few months. Keratin hair straightening allows for the normally curly-haired girl to go straight for a while, and this alone has been a factor in many women returning to the salon.

New Treatments

Hair salons incorporate other beauty services, such as piercing, and facial care, with treatments for skin and hair removal. The hairdressing salon is more than just a place to have your hair styled, and this is the biggest single factor in the rise of hair salons at present, as so many people require the various health treatments that are on offer.

Excellent Service

As hair salons are not thin on the ground, every establishment will do its utmost to keep their clientele. The decor is often lavish and elegant, with a range of free services like a tea or fruit juice, to keep you in comfort. The hair salon has become the one-stop beauty and health centre for fashion-minded citizens who want to stay ahead. Modern hair salons will offer the following services:

  • Hair straightening
  • Hair extensions
  • Colour treatments
  • Hair removal treatments

Some are more along the lines of a health centre, with a Spa and perhaps a sauna, and massage treatments.

Next time you drive through the city, you will notice how many retail outlets are dedicated to the health and beauty industry, and with the trend likely to continue, hairdressing is an exciting career prospect.

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